Plastic Furniture Moulds Made in China

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    MOULD NAME:Plastic round table moulds
    SIZE: 930x930x700
    MOULD NO. :JX-001
    P20/718 STEEL
    Plastic Round Table mold is coherent from the overall shape of the appearance, to the radian size of the control. Full use of CNC precision carving, CNC lathes, EDM, wire cutting and other mold finishing complete sets of equipment, the use of 718 easy to cut the pre-hard quality plastic mold steel production, not only to ensure the overall surface hardness, but also to ensure the effective improvement of wear resistance. The surface roughness of the whole cavity is lower than that of ra0.4μm, which conforms to the core standard and ensures the smoothness of the whole die surface
    The details of the control, is the plastic round table mold forming the core elements, from injection, holding pressure (cooling) and plastic parts demoulding process to follow the gradual, constitute a certain cycle cycle, minimize the melt on the mold wear, but also to ensure that the entire plastic round table mold Modeling high integrity, the scale of high-precision, forming the final perfect plastic round table mold products.
    Detail information of mould steel
    Mould materialmould hardnessmould life
    P20HRC 29-33300000 shot
    H13HRC >431000000 shot
    718HRC 30-36500000 shot
    S136HRC 48-5250000 shot
    2344HRC >48800000 shotPlastic Furniture Moulds Made in China

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